Monday, January 26, 2009

She's Out of Our Class

Do you like the new layout? I rather do, since I finally had the bright idea to use a picture I actually took for the header. The title...not as creative. I've kind of fallen into the rut of picking an interesting song title. But I'll have you know the working title was "Sandwich".
Anyway, it's been a while since I posted about books, but I think I'm really overdue for a post about a movie. In fact, I don't think I've ever done one about a movie! Well, there're lots of movies I really enjoy, being a movie buff, but since I haven't seen any recently besides Twilight for the third time (not that I'm obsessed like some people, it's just that I happen to get dragged into that sort of thing), I think I'll just blog about one of my favorite movies of all time, Master and Commander.
Okay, so I know all of you who have met me more than a few times have heard me talk about this movie, but I just want to put it up here and with pictures!
So what do I find so amazing about this movie? First of all, it's a great story about friendship. Mostly it focuses on the difficult relationship between Jack Aubrey, the ship's captain (played by Russel Crowe) and Stephen Maturin, the surgeon (played by Paul Bettany). Let me just say I think it's great that Bettany and Crowe work so well together. My other favorite movie of all time also stars those two-- A Beautiful Mind.
Stephen is sort of a sort-of-pacifist/naturalist aside from being a doctor, and his views on war, power, and corruption in authority bring a great amount of difference at times between he and Jack. Jack is sort of an anything-for-the-Crown type of guy. Anyway, their relationship brings woes to the ship and themselves, but with a couple of dramatic moments, it all works out. Movies always do.
Here, the crew watches "Hold Fast" Guy get a steel plate put in his head.
The movie also shows other friendships, though none turn out quite so well as Jack and Stephen's. For instance, Hollom (played by the guy who was Stan Shunpike in the third HP movie), was unfortunately not succesful in making any friends and ended killing himself. Also, the friendship between Blakeney and Calamy (two of the boys on the ship) didn't end well-- Calamy ended up being killed in the final battle. But there were tender moments between the two. Probably one of the more depressing relationships in the movie is that between Nagle (the annoying drunk guy who gets 12 lashes) and Warley (the one who's wife's second cousin saw the Acheron being built). Warley gets tossed overboard and Nagle has to help send him to his death.
*Sigh* well I promise you the movie is neither boring nor depressing as both I make it sound. There are some rather humorous parts. "The lesser of two weevils" for instance.
One can certainly find flaws in the movie, as one can in any film. One is that there is a scene where a man says something very brief in Spanish and is translated as having said something to the effect of, "A French ship, large, stopped for supplies two weeks ago then headed north," or something. I know I don't speak Spanish, but the man who did literally said only a few words, and I didn't hear the words for "French," "two weeks," or "north" among them.
Also, if you are a feminist-type, you might find this movie boring, since there are no female characters to speak of, aside from a brief glimpse at a South American woman twirling an umbrella and smiling at Captain Jack.
There are obvious merits in the film aside from the nice depictions of various types of friendships, such as the excellent cinematography and special effects, as well some of the most epic (to use a hackneyed term) naval battles on film.
There is also an interesting use of classical music even in warring moments (such as the last few minutes of the film). My favorites are some of the duets "played" by the two main characters.
In any case, give the movie a shot if you haven't seen it. I know I make it sound awfully dull, but I promise you it's very good and very nautical and the acting is superb in nearly everyone's case. At the very least, you can see Billy Boyd (LOTR's Pippin) with bad teeth.
If you see it enough times you may find yourself calling to your friends "Killick! Killick there!"
Here's a pretty decent trailer for the film:


LP said...

Nice layout! It looks sort of nautical itself. And I really like the photo. (You already know what I think of the film.)

Jared and Megan said...

I ... might give it a try, if you own it. It just looks like too much yelling and cannon blasting for me. Although I do like a couple other of Peter Weir's flims, like The Truman Show and Dead Poet's Society. But yeah.

Shannie said...

i DO own it. i will let you borrow it any time you want. and i promise you there isn't all that much yelling, and i think there are only like....2? maybe 3 major battles in the whole thing. so not a whole lot of loud noise.