Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chouquettes or Sugar "Flats"

Okay, so these things were supposed to puff up and be the next best thing to cream puffs. For some reason mine did the exact opposite. However, I read that it's trendy in Paris to have flat chouquettes. Anyway, they're a bit tasty, though I wish they were puffed, I bet they'd be tastier.
The batter was super runny, although that couldn't have been the problem entirely, since my muse had no trouble at all with runny batter (though I admit, mine was much runnier)...
First batch burnt to oblivion.
Second batch, better.
I enlisted Adrien as guinea pig. Prognosis: delish.


LP said...

Even the burnt ones don't look that bad to me. I would eat them.

eric and adrien said...

the position of my hand makes it look like it does not belong to me. and yes, they were tasty.