Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today Megan, Adrien, and I went to lunch at a place called Sammy's in downtown Provo. It's a tiny little cafe less than a block north of Center Street on 100 West.
I expected it to be just OK but the food was amazing. I could tell even before I'd ordered. The atmosphere was fun and casual, but on the artsy side. The smells of cooking food traveled the short distance from the kitchen across the tiny dining area and reached my nose with no trouble. I was in heaven. All this, and we'd only been inside a few minutes.
I ended up not being very brave in my selection and ordering a grilled cheese sandwich, seasoned fries, and a chocolate shake. Lucky for me, though, Megan and Adrien were braver. I sampled Adrien's sweet potato fries and Megan's blackberry cheesecake shake. Both were very, very good. And the cheese in the grilled cheese sandwich was cheddar. As Megan pointed out, "This is so awesome, we haven't had cheddar since we were kids!" (She meant in grilled sandwiches. I guess "American" cheese is more prevalent nowadays than I'd realized).
The walls were all decorated in an artistic style. One wall was completely covered in polaroids taken of customers over the ages. The wall opposite sported a large silver tree on a navy blue background with the playful letters of "Sammy's" sitting in the leaves. The other two walls had quirky drawings and paintings, some framed, some not. I'd have pictures of this, along with the bar and blue spinning bar stools, but I was too chicken to ask the owner if I could take pictures.
Lucky for me, though, a local blogger has done a review too, complete with a couple more pictures. You can see it here. Sammy himself has a blog, too, where they mention where to find more work of the artist they so wisely employed.
Another plus, all the food is made with love.


Jared and Megan said...

so I seriously need to get a mint oreo shake next time!! I just saw two comments saying how good it was under the YHO review.

LP said...

wow, you could play telephone with your sandwich.

Marlyse said...

Man, I've never even heard of this place. Now I really want to try it!