Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mission: Impottable (or, "Totes Ridic.!")

Today was my last day working at the museum, so I decided to take some pictures of what we've been working on so everyone could know what I've been up to. Basically we were removing pots from the exhibits downstairs that had no pictures with white backgrounds. Veeeery interesting. But stupid. Not really.
Anyway, the cases were very difficult to lift because they were large, heavy, and cumbersome because they had to be lifted over the things inside them, some of which were very tall. Here is Adrien pretending to lift this case, even though this one was actually the lightest and easiest to lift. "Act like it's heavy!"
Sometimes they were in the big cases, which just had to have the front panels removed. Adrien and I called this "mission impossible status" because of the suctiony things you need to use.

Then we would have to lift the pots carefully while wearing special white gloves that might've belonged to some marching band once upon a time...
And take them carefully up all 3 flights of stairs to the photo room and take a picture of it. Today we also did some "artsy" shots for the cover of something like a catalog (?). We took turns.

Here is one waiting to have its picture taken (it's a horny toad effigy pot)

And here are some of the final shots. Obviously the real ones are much better because we were using probably the fanciest digital camera I've ever seen. It was great fun using it. These were taken on my phone, again, because the digital camera Adrien gave me is not yet up and running.

I'm glad I got to volunteer there. It was a lot of fun.


adrien & eric said...

i love it! i'm glad you were able to volunteer here too. it was lots of fun. maybe next time you come here you can actually use the mission impottable suctions!!

jared & megan said...

Form of a horny toad!