Saturday, August 23, 2008

Build Me A Boat So I Can Set Sail

One day I was at the mall in Lakewood with Justina (the one time we actually went shopping together) and I saw a fairly amazing muslin-ish bag with Mexican-style embroidery hanging on a hook at Forever 21. This being a cheapish store, I hoped for the best, but was annoyed to find that it was $25. Psh. I dropped it and moved on.
But it kept coming back to my mind. But $25??? Then I began to think...I can embroider...I have adequate sewing skills...why don't I make my own?
Then Megan told me she'd gotten a sewing machine for Mother's Day from Jared, and since I would be spending the summer with her, I could use it then!
So we went to the Corn Wagon Quilt Co. to look for fabric since Megan was feeling crafty as well.
I picked out some nice muslin for my bag and was trying to decide on something for the lining when Nathan began to get very restless and Megan wanted to leave. So we went out to the car and discovered that the keys were sitting there in Megan's bag that was resting harmlessly on the seat. Bother.
While we waited for the outcome of the race between Jared's spare key and the AAA guy, I had time to pick a fabric for the interior.
When we got home I got started on the embroidery. I decided to go with Indian-esque style stuff instead of Mexican because I did.
I never actually got to use Megan's machine because I procrastinated too long, but yesterday I just sat down and decided to finish it no matter what. And I did! I'm very proud of myself for pulling off such a feat. It's amazing-- I put in an inner zippered pocket and attached the strap thing with neato buttons that Ian said look like they belong in an Indian temple. That's the idea.

Don't go getting the idea I do crafting for fun. This is a one time thing unless I ever get a machine, then I'll probably start selling them. Mom's idea :P


jared & megan said...

kewl!! so where did you get those buttons? and did you sew the seams and everything by hand? I have not the patience. Nor the motivation. Kudos to you.

Shannie said...

i got the buttons at joann's. they have a very wide button selection, everything you could want!
yes, i did the stitching by hand. it required much patience, but it wa well worth it.