Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I've Got My Head, I've Lost My Leopard

It feels like the same old story, but things around here aren't that interesting.  It's kind of just life on repeat, know what I mean?

Since today is the glorious day of Rosalind's 9-month-mark, here's a little update on her.  She's the only thing that changes around here, anyway.

Today we went to the doctor and got her exact measurements, which I've been curious about for a while now, because this lady is a beast.  Anyway, it turns out she's just under 22 pounds and is almost 29 inches tall.  So there you go.  She still only has two teeth.  She still has rolls to end all rolls.  Actually that's a lie, I've seen way fatter babies.  But she doesn't smoke cigarettes, so at least there's that.  Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

Oh and her hair is getting thicker and longer.  She also has a couple of curls coming in behind each ear and it is the cutest. You can sort of see it in this picture except that it's blurry.

I promise it's curly.  I think this might be the only trait Sam contributed.

I also am trying new things with her diapers. I'm sure I am the only one that this interests. But we've decided to explore the world of prefolds and wool-- and in the meantime have found an absolutely fool-proof and leak-free solution for nighttime! Woohoo!

Prefolds are actually super easy to put on.  And way easier to get clean.  And are way cheaper. FYI.

Wool: the secret to no more nighttime diaper changes!

She can't crawl.  She can't army crawl.  She can't even really scoot-- just an inch or two.  She's certainly mobile though.  She rolls everywhere and gets into trouble discovering things, like cords and plugs and that the mirror will fall on your head and the distance to the floor via the edge of the couch (that was a scary episode for both of us).  In fact, Rosalind hasn't really changed much in the last 5 months or so, but she seems to be making up for it all in the past few days.  Story time!

This morning during breakfast of eggs and banana, I saw out of the corner of my eye that she was doing something with her hands, and lo and behold she was signing "more"!  That caught me off guard.  She did it one other time during the meal.  And she did actually mean "more" by it, I'm pretty sure, because she isn't very good at that sort of thing by accident. Even though she'll probably never do it again.

My little Jezebel.

A couple of days ago, she was standing up leaning against a little side table with a book in one hand.  She looked at the book, looked at her other hand, then pushed off the table and stood ALL BY HERSELF for a second while she transferred the book to the other hand!  Then I did a cartwheel (not).

Stand and deliver

She also apparently learned to clap as part of "Patty Cake" while I was at work yesterday, but we haven't been able to get her to replicate it.  And she also waves "hi" and "bye" (more often "bye") most of the time.  It usually takes coaxing, but she's done it completely on her own too. Here she is waving "hi" to Sam in a picture I sent him (he is away a lot).

All I said was "Say Hi to Dad" and she started me.

Other things of note to the nit-picky are that she thinks blowing your nose is hilarious, she still loves animals and most soft things, and tags (who doesn't), and going outside-- that's almost a guarantee to calm her down if she's ever upset.  She also picks at her teeth, which is actually really, really irritating.  She still doesn't like sleeping, but she's getting a little better at it.  She also loves food and eats everything we give her, even moderately spicy stuff.  Except raspberries.  Those are apparently too much for her.

Early mornings when Sam is gone, she comes to bed with me.

And now you know everything interesting in my life. Yay!

E'erbody's hands go up...and they stay there.

...And here she is squinting when I was waiving a flower in her face:

The end.


Melissa Kunz said...

Little Ros is so cute! I can't wait for Katie to actually sign something! I know she recognizes signs for milk (I say nurse) eat, and more, but she hasn't done any yet. And your life really is more interesting than you think! I am seriously so jelly of all your hikes! It's hard though when you just feel stuck in a rut though. And I'm sorry Sam is away so much! That really stinks and I know how hard it is with a baby. But you are doing a great job :)

LP said...

Lovely pictures! And I do know what you mean about smoking. Did you know he finally gave it up? But he's got some other addiction now, I think.