Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Get Back

Soooo... I have a secret.  I love photography.  Oh wait, you already knew that.  The secret is that I'm trying to get it to go somewhere.  I'm currently building a portfolio, I have a website and a few people who have asked me to do liek totally legit shoots for them (and one of them is even paying me!!!).

And then there was this photographer whose style I totally jive with, and her name is Yan.  And she is doing a workshop-- a workshop that's not stuffy and weird.  And what's more, she's giving away a seat to this workshop (through Let the Kids), and I thought I might-maybe-may have a chance at getting considered!

Heretoforth, the required evidence that I'm serious about this.  My application video, in all it's boring, embarrassing, (hopefully) refreshingly-to-the-point glory.  Maybe you'll see me on my way to Dallas come June.  If not, let's count this as one of those Lamarckian-giraffe-stretching moments, mmk?


Jared and Megan said...

Soooo did you hear about this from me or did you already know about it? The video's not working on my iPad so I'll check it out this afternoon.

LP said...

Good luck!