Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Dark of the Night

Yesterday I spent the morning searching for Caity's lost childhood stuffed animal.  I searched through countless tubs, boxes, closets, and cupboards.  Eventually I did find the elusive Jojo, but in the mean time, I found some strange stuffed animals.

Exhibit A:
I remember seeing ads for this cat on tv when I was little.  I begged and begged Mom for one, but she staunchly refused.  Now that I've seen how creepy they actually are through an adult's eyes, I'm kind of glad she didn't let me.
Here it is...
What a beautiful half-plastic face you have
What's this?
Ta da!!
Nom nom nom.

Exhibit B:
I was feeling around in a dark armoire and discovered this bear.  Wearing a wig.  A green wig.  What.
I hair you're looking for something...

1 comment:

LP said...

Maybe if the momcat had not been pink.... Nope. No, it's still too creepy.