Monday, August 27, 2012

Give Me Problems, Give Me Work

It's Monday, and the first day of fall semester at BYU.  The only thing that means for me is that I get to spend the day alone while Sam is away educating himself.  So it's just me and the cat, twiddling our thumbs (yes, the cat has thumbs).  Sam's only been gone a few hours and I've already reorganized the bathroom and most of the second bedroom.  I've looked up recipes for baked goods I can make with all the Greek yogurt we have (who knew those giant tubs only last five days before they expire?).  Guys, I need a job.  I can't say it enough.  Being graduated is both awesome and lame.

Fortunately, I finally have a space where I can work (oh, right, I mostly did it for Sam so he could do his homework here, right).  We have been saving and planning for this since Sam moved in a year ago, but my pickiness put it on hold until LO this amazing find came up on Friday!

Only slightly styled, promise.
I'm talking about the table.  I wanted something already kind of crappy because I plan on doing my painting on it since doing it on the floor just doesn't cut it anymore (did it ever? how many carpets have I painted on by accident?).  I also wanted something sturdy, preferably real wood.  Sam said a thousand times he'd just make me desk, but he never has the time he thinks he does.  Thus, enter this old chemistry table, complete with initials, hearts, phallic symbols, and declarations to "eff the homo" and that "Chere Hood sucks!" scratched into the surface.  Don't worry, an aptly placed Philips screwdriver and a bit of elbow grease got the nastiest bits off.  But you were in high school once.  You know how it is.  And it's perfect for what I wanted, honestly.

Maybe I'll go make zucchini muffins with the yogurt.  That'll be something.  Oh look, the cat got bored waiting for me to be interesting:


Megan said...

Haha glad to see you're making good use of your time! Your cat is funny, like you. I like the desk! I can't remember where you said you got it. KSL? I want one. Two, actually. Oh well.

How did the muffins turn out, if you made them?

Come help me work on my bajillion projects! Unless you find a job, that is. And I do wish you the best of luck, of course.

Kimmy Haskins said...

Your mind is rebelling at stagnation. That is indeed a handsome desk, I envy you despite it's inappropriate flaws. I miss you guys, I miss Provo!

LP said...

Of course it's ideal if you get a job, but until you do, you could spend an hour a day learning Italian. (The key to success in learning a language is Time on Task. The more time you spend at it, the better you'll be.) And an hour a day reading The Hobbit and other fun and/or educational books. And a couple of hours a day painting. And two hours watching either one movie or two episodes of a tv show. And one hour baking and then writing a blog about it. And one or two hours researching travel places. There's eight or nine hours right there.

On some days you could go visit your sister your grandparents, or volunteer at the museum (will they let you volunteer if you're not a student?). Or act like your cat and take a nap.