Thursday, January 5, 2012


We got a cat! Also, we got married, but more about that later. More importantly, check this out:
His name is Brozhy (the "zh" is pronounced like a French "j"-- as in "je ne sais quoi"). I think he thinks his name is What though, because every time I see him I say "What?" and he squeaks at me. Anyway, this cat is cool. Besides not responding to his name, other things he can do are run crazily along the couch, attack his feather toy, do spinning jumps, fetch (occasionally), eat a ton, kick litter everywhere, and purr louder than any cat I've ever heard. And he's really easy to get to purr, too. I just look at him or say "What?" and he purrs.
Check out his new trick:

He's too small to jump onto the chairs, and he wants to be with us when we eat (heck, he wants to be with us all the time) so he's trying to figure out another way up there.

Also he has 26 toes. Yeah, I told you he was cool.


Megan said...

your kitteh is totes adorbs.

can we visit him (and you, of course...) sometime??

LP said...

I thought it was 24 toes. Does he have more than 7 on his front paws? Anyway, I think he's a very cute kitty.

Shannon said...

Mom: technically it *is* 24 toes, but he also has claws that count as "thumbs" on his front feet, so technically there are 8 toes on each of his front feet. I can't wait until he starts using his two extra side-toes to grab stuff like a chameleon.
megan: come see me (and the kitty) whenever you want! we're practically neighbors now!