Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm getting married on Saturday. Hoo boy. I also have finals this week (meaning outlandishly long papers...thank you archaeology major). But I'm bored of writing right now, so I thought I'd take a break and show you my awesome craftiness.
I made an advent calendar of sorts for Sam. Just for him, nobody else.
Each envelope (Day 1-25) has either a fun thing to do (ie driving to look at Christmas lights, decorating a tree, drinking hot cocoa, going to a movie, etc) or a special message from me to him letting him know what I like about him, or what I appreciate that he does, or whatever.
I saw it on a website of a lady that has kids, but this advent calendar is just for the husband, not for the kids, so it makes him feel special and appreciated. I know that (even though we won't be married or living together for another 5 days) Sam has really enjoyed opening an envelope every morning and reading what's inside.
Some people (like the aforementioned lady I stole the idea from) make it all scrapbooky and crafty and complicated, but I just wrote on 3x5s and put them in envelopes that I drew on. And really, the hardest part about this project was coming up with a different picture for each envelope. The messages came really easily.

So yeah, happy holidays and all that. Have a good week! I probably won't write again until after the wedding. And I will be a married woman! Wahoo!


Reyna said...

Oh this is such a great idea! I love it!

LP said...

What a good idea! How fun. Now get your papers finished.

katie said...

that is an awesome idea! i really hope i remember it because i want to do it next year. and have a wonderful time this weekend! i'll be thinking of you guys and wishing i was there, except not wishing i was there because it's probably colder there than it is here, and i don't like being cold. but i do wish i could share in the happy-wedding-ness.