Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thinkin' That the World Looks Fine

Essays, grading, studying for final exams, working, trying to keep up with everything... Finals, once again, are trying to get the better of me. The stress makes me do strange things, like crank out actually really good stories on the spot about dancing circus elephants, put up a hearts saying "S+J" next to the James Dean poster that appeared in our bathroom yesterday, and eat ridiculous amounts of cookies to keep me awake when I'm up at all ours doing the first two things.

And yet, I must be a glutton for punishment, because I'm already planning which Grad schools I want to apply to next year. Like this one, for example. Courses include "Research and Reconstruction of Old Ships," "Deep-Submergence Archaeology," "Classical Seafaring," and "Outfitting and Sailing the Wooden Ship." How can I pass that up?

Anyway, if you're in the same wooden ship of Finals as me, maybe take a break and listen to some good songs (I'll make the format small so you're not intimidated, there's no videos anyway):

A little 80s:

A little 60s:


LP said...

I wish I could take a class on classical seafaring. I've thought about spending a summer in Hawai'i to take that Polynesian seafaring class. I'm probably too old, though.

Reyna said...

PLEASE do that! I want to take a research and reconstruction of old ships! And classical seafaring? Yes, please!

eric and adrien said...

see, i told you texas a&m was the best :)