Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I feel like I've head a really productive past few days. Saturday I took two finals and submitted two final essays, then I came home and cleaned out the laundry room (which now looks spic and span, too bad the washer is broken so we can't hang out in there and enjoy the cleanliness). Sunday was Sunday. Yesterday I exercised with my roommate, then I embroidered adorable designs (if I do say so myself) on two onesies for Unborn Niece Swinford and went for a run (the first time in over a year--and I did 10 blocks straight before walking! Go me!). Oh look, here are the onesies:
Then I graded all the remaining assignments for the class I am a TA for-- now there are only finals to grade.

This morning I found out I got a scholarship for Fall semester! It makes me happy because it will be kind of the same cost as if I were to graduate in December, which I can't do anymore due to one stinkin' class in Winter term. But it's excellent, I love getting free money! Then I went to work for about four hours and moved approx. 30 metates from all over the museum into one room, and built the shelves for them to go on (metal, evil). This is a metate for those unaware (the big groundstone, not the smaller "mano" used to grind):
Yeah. 30 of them. My boss helped, but still. Then I was told to destroy a giant plywood workbench to make room for new shelving. Eep! It took about 45 minutes, and I acquired a few scrapes and pokes, not to mention a bruised knuckle when the tabletop fell on my hand at one point, but I did it.

Needless to say, I'm very worn out. That is why this post is not very exciting. But! I only have two finals to go this week. I get to move upstairs on Saturday. I'm happy and feel accomplished. And very hungry! What to eat, what to eat...

And now, I order you to get up and dance for the duration of this song. It will make you happy, guaranteed:


LP said...

Go you! Not to mention your scholarship.

Sorry, I did not dance to Calvin's song. Songs about the 80s are usually not as good as songs from the 80s.

Megan said...

Wow! Sounds like a lot of accomplishments! Good job!! Lots of exclamation points... I'm hungry, too... I need to go forage for food for my family. Fiffer feffer feff. This song could grow on me. It seems like the kind of thing I'd like, although I feel like the tempo needs to pick up a little. I've got hugs for you... lol.

Also! Can you perhaps take pictures of the onesies?? I'm so curious!

LP said...

The onesies are so cute! Verily, thou art talented.

My word is 'scome'. For some reason, it makes me hungry.

Megan said...

mom... for some reason... lol

Shannon! Those are so cute!! Thank you, thank you, little dinosaur! Huzzah!

My word is enizater. For some reason, it does not make me hungry.

debo said...

Good job! shannon you are so talented!