Monday, March 1, 2010


Today was an excellent day because I received my very first postcards from random people in the world via Postcrossing!
I sent out five of my own a few weeks ago, and two of them have arrived in their foreign destinations. I've sent postcards to Mexico, Canada, China, Luxembourg, and Germany. Tomorrow I'll be mailing out ones to Finland and Poland.
My map (only shows received postcards on both ends. Blue are ones I've gotten and red are ones others got from me):
Here are my two first postcards:
From the Netherlands (according to babelfish the front says something like "The cordial greeting from Zoetermeer!")
From France (if you don't read French, it says roughly "Receive all the friendship of the South of France")

I'm so excited to get and send more postcards. What a wonderful way to create amity throughout the world :)


eric and adrien said...

this is awesome. i'm signing up.

LP said...

¡Muy interesante!

Jared and Megan said...

this is really cool. when I first read your entry, I went to the website and looked at everything I could. I think I want to do it... I think doing it with Nathan would be cool, too, he's into stuff like that now.