Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hogle Zoo

Yesterday morning I went to the Hogle Zoo and met up with a few other people in my Biological Anthropology class to do our primate observation! I end with an exclamation point because even though it was a really long drive up and back for only being there a couple of hours, and besides the fact that I had to drive through an impossible snow storm on the way home, it was kind of fun to watch animals for a little bit, and to watch my classmates be so excited about the primates. Hahaha.
Anyway, I took some pictures, but they were all blurry because primates move around a lot apparently. I did take some videos though. My favorite actually is of the cougar they had, even though it isn't a primate. I passed their enclosure on the way up to one of the primate houses from my first observation and it was dead silent, the snow was falling, no one was around (seriously, who would be on a day like that?) and I saw the cougar pacing and went over to it and I could hear it chuffling and making small yowls or whatever cougars do. It was kind of a magic moment for some reason. I felt bad though, as it was pacing back and forth, that the tiny cage was all the space the two cougars in there had for their entire life. I go crazy if I'm in my bedroom just for a day. I can't imagine how awful it must sometimes be for these animals cooped up in there.
Anyway! Video time.
The cougar (turn up your volume):

The squirrel monkeys:

The ring-tailed lemurs (turn down your volume):

The gibbons:

There are descriptions on the Youtube website if you're at all interested.


LP said...

Interesante. I know how you feel about the cougar! PS How could you stand the noise of all those primates (including the young Homo sapiens sapiens) echoing through the area?

Shannon said...

I thought the lemur/gibbon sounds were kind of funny. Mostly the gibbons noises though. And the homo sapiens sapiens weren't that bad. Most of the people at the zoo were my classmates (and there were only like 20 of us there...)

eric and adrien said...

you're a human loris.