Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goats in Trees

Yesterday I was with Adrien and we opened an email (in the library-- unfortunately for anyone that had to listen to us laugh while they were trying to study) that had pictures of goats in weird places. Several were of goats in trees. Goats in trees, yes. It looks like a tornado came through and plopped all the goats in a tree.
So I looked it up.
Apparently in Morrocco they have these trees (called Argan trees) that are knobbly and hard, which the goats naturally climb to get at the fruit, which have little nuts in them that the goats can't digest, and are subsequently collected by goat herders and pressed for oil that apparently smells terrible but tastes really great and also will keep you young forever.
Not sure how I feel about that.
But goats in trees? Someone will have to get me the calender next year.
Don't you feel great now that you know something useless about goats? I sure do.


eric and adrien said...

this is amazing, and i laughed. again.

Reyna said...

After reading a few pages of your blog, I am so happy that we are next door neighbors. Let's be friends.

LP said...

I don't think this is useless. I know now to avoid a certain argan-seed oil when I go to Morocco.

Jared and Megan said...

bizarro. roll the r's. I love it.

my verification is caterta. it seems to match.