Friday, February 26, 2010


Half the time I post on this blog I feel like such a dork. This is one of those times.
Have you ever seen "Meet Joe Black"? If not, stop reading and go watch it right now. Seriously. It's a great movie, and the music is beautiful.
While searching for a song from MJB to add to my soundtrack playlist on youtube I came across this video. Okay, no, actually, I was looking for clips from "Giant" with James Dean and there was a clip compilation with this music and some other dumb song that totally ruined it or I would've recommended it. Anyway, that led me to the search to add it to my list, and then I found this video, which is really cool. In my opinion. But hey, it's my blog, so I can say what I want, right?
Music is "Whisper of a Thrill" by Thomas Newman (from Meet Joe Black)
There's a "real" post coming soon. Sorry for the randomness this time around.


LP said...

I absolutely love this music, and have ever since I saw the movie. Thanks for finding this and posting it. Some of the images in the video were pretty cool, too, like the slo-mo lightning and the rain drops and the elephant's foot pressing into the sand. Not the snakes, though. Not the snakes.

Jared and Megan said...

Heh Indiana.

I do like this song. I heard it a while ago... but I'm not sure where. Was it on your playlist or did you only add it recently? I know I haven't seen the movie so it can't be from that. But I can't watch it till I have enough time to dedicate to it. Does Adrien have it? She has everything... the books I want to borrow, two cats, my sweatpants...