Tuesday, September 8, 2009


With my lack of anything to do, I've lately been really wanting to get back into one of my favorite things to do-- cooking. But I have no one to cook for, and admittedly (at present), not a lot of money to be buying fancy ingredients.
This morning, however, I was perusing the many food blogs I subscribe to, and found an article about how to make the perfect poached egg. I tried the vortex method about a year ago to very unfortunate results, but I have now found a method I'd really like to try.
Now imagine this: fresh wheat bread lightly toasted and buttered, topped with a slice of tomato and a few leaves of spinach sauteed in olive oil, and the poached egg sprinkled with sea salt and pepper. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! And I don't even like tomatoes. Maybe a couple slices of bacon for added protein. But man. Maybe I'll go make that wheat bread right now since I have a recipe I know is great.
Does anybody want to help me eat?

Note: Apparently this method of poaching an egg is the most common...don't know how I missed the memo!

Oh, and kudos if anyone can guess what the title of the post is quoting. And I'll be surprised if you get it.


eric and adrien said...

looks yum. you can cook for me! and i'm sure eric would eat your food too.

is that me you're quoting?! just kidding. don't be surprised that i know what it is...we just listened to the curse of the black steel satchmo that has been stolen...

"it's time!"

Shannon said...

are you telling me it's time?!?

LP said...

I was never allowed to listen to that tape. I only got snatches of it while walking from one room to the other, and even then the dialogue was obscured by mirth and hilarity emanating from you all. Nevertheless, I will eat your cooking. I find it toothsome. (My word is "sness". I thought it was important to tell you that.)

Shannon said...

Mom! I thought Ian and I played it for you at the kitchen table one afternoon? And you thought it was weird. And afterward we talked about other radio shows like the one that does "green lawn" or whatever that line is.
I want you to eat my food.
Sness this.

Jared and Megan said...

my word sounds Italian. ovendi. and it reminds me of eggs. very serendipitous, or something. I want a poached egg, with those fixings, also.
I never knew! Jared told me you were just supposed to crack the egg into boiling water, so I imagined a really odd nebulous shape.