Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blue Skies

Do you like the new look? Summer's officially over I think (well, not the season, but the freedom certainly is) so I thought I'd go for something a little less summer-y. And I took that picture :)
So I found this preview for a movie I think looks kind of cool. The thing is, the only way to watch it (it's 45 minutes...only.) is by buying the special version of this random band's newest album. I'm still working out whether or not it means that much to me (since I don't really know the band or the music, though I like the song in the preview), but if I decide to buy it, you're welcome to borrow it if this tickles your fancy:

Also, a feel nerdy because I'm sort of really excited about these? Think of could give people bread and stuff and never have to worry about them giving your pans back or feeling lame because you just gave it to them in a giant ziploc bag! Wow, I am a nerd. But I'm really getting excited for giving people bread. Haha!


Jared and Megan said...

okay so I have no idea, but my guess about the plot is that there are these two brothers, and... um... should I not tell you what I think has happened/what is happening in the plot?
I wants it, precious.

Shannon said...

No go ahead. I'll even tell you mine when you're done. :)

LP said...

Summer is not over till Sep 23! Let's not rush things. What about those little foil bread pans? You don't have to worry about getting them back. Although I think the wooden ones are more eco-friendly. Or are they? Which reminds me, you can make me some bread! And even put it in a zip-loc bag.

LP said...

btw, sad evocative foto. poor little posable wooden figure guy.