Monday, June 15, 2009

A need tae practice ma Scots

Last Saturday we (the girls and kids) celebrated our Scottish heritage by going to the Scottish Highland Festival and Games at Thanksgiving Point.
We saw a pipe parade thing go by...
We visited the MacFarlane tent, which holds the sept of Sproul (or Spruell), which we are. While we were in the tent it started to rain.
When we got out it was pouring, complete with thunder and lightning. We took shelter under a tent with bleachers and watched some caber toss, sheaf toss, weight throw, and weight toss. For more information on what those all are, go here.

After only being at the festival about 40 mins (and that's a generous estimation) we sadly decided to leave. We didn't get to see the Scottish dogs. Adrien didn't get to try haggis. We didn't get to learn how to fight at the Celts With Swords booth. I think we were all sad and annoyed at the fact we'd been dumped on (literally, in Adrien's and my case...although I think Megan ended up collectively wetter) by the evil summer storm and had to leave. And, of course, it cleared up after we left.


Jared and Megan said...

next year.

I can't find my camera. I think it's gone.

eric and adrien said...

Megan! I have your camera! I forgot to give it back to you last night...sorry. I had it in my bag though. So don't fret!! I'll email you too just in case you don't see this and you get sad :(

Maybe they will make this Scottish Festival semi-annual...? Although I think doing it in the snow might be more miserable than doing it in the rain. Hm. Next year!

Also, my word I have to put in to post this comment is "woofnba". I thought you'd like to know.

Gary said...

What is that suitcase-like-thing the fellow tossed over the goal post?

Shannon said...

I think it's hay in a bag. It's called the sheaf toss.