Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So there are a few things I'm currently obsessed with...the new layout gives you a few clues.
My job at Sonic is okay. Some days I really like it and some I just can't wait to go home. Today was particularly hard, mostly because dumb DeeJae!!! feels the need to yell at me whenever she gets the chance. Stooge.
Also today I was pretty homesick. But I went through all my music on my computer and it made me feel nostalgic and stuff, so I feel better now. Anyway, yeah. Megan hasn't had the baby yet, and there isn't really any other news. Just a new post to go with the new layout.
Here is a picture of le workplace from the drive-thru side of the building that I didn't take--
Anyway, I'll try and post something more interesting later, like maybe when we go to the crater for SCUBA.


Janeite42 said...

I like your new layout. 'Tis cool. Sorry you were homesick. Th├Žs ofereode, thisses swa mae, I always say. (Probably to people's annoyance.)

Shannie said...

Old English? Irish? How?

adrien & eric said...

i was just thinking this morning about how you hadn't made a post in a while...hmm. i'm glad the ipod cord may have brought you some indirect happiness, if it did. what?

jared & megan said...

love the picture, of course. I'm pretty sure what mom said is old or middle english... but I can't remember what it means, even though she told me once (maybe it's something like, "like all things, this too, shall pass" haha I really have no idea). maybe you wouldn't be so homesick if you spent time with people and weren't always sequestered in your room!

Shannie said...

i prefer the term "holed up". yes.

Janeite42 said...

so stop holing up and get out into the world! it's old english btw, and yes, it basically means "that passed by, this will too".