Thursday, July 17, 2008

Behind the Scenes

If you ever wondered why your food was sometimes late at a fast food restaurant, this may be the reason why:
Yes my friends, meet Von Cone and his evil Tot Minion. He used to have several minions, but they were quickly devoured. Von Cone is maniacal, evil, and very scary. He is so evil he purposefully slows down the kitchen workers as his evil plot.
Actually the real reason your food was late was because we were all standing around laughing at this creation.
Really, though, we waited until there was a lull in the amount of the customers.
Welcome to Sonic.


jared & megan said...

I would eat Von Cone without a moment's hesitation!! Unless Von Cone fell on the floor... in which case, nevermind. He can fester in peace.

Janeite42 said...

Now I know! Next time anyone standing in line says "What's taking so long?" I'll be able to tell them.

I think Von Cone and his evil Tot Minion should have a tv series. It'd probably be funnier than Aqua Teen Hunger Force or whatever that lame show is called.