Monday, April 24, 2017

Visits Up and Down

Going through pictures for the last post I realized that since I didn't blog since September, I missed out on all of Fall.

In October my parents came to visit.
Ros impressed by a recreated Byzantine church we visited while my parents were here

Ros refusing to leave the beach...that we went to while my parents were here.

Ros and my mom exploring the dunes

A picture my mom took of me and Remy

Wearing my mom's hat at Brazos Bend State Park (we saw alligators)

Petting a baby alligator at Brazos Bend

We had seafood that night and it turned out, like me, Ros is allergic to shellfish so to the ER we went.

She was so cute and sad and tiny on that gurney but the nurses were awesome and Ros loved that she got to have popsicles.

My mom wearing Remy at NASA

From right after my parents' visit: Rosalind's Halloween costume that she picked

In November Sam's parents came to visit.
Sam's parents brought Remy an authentic drum from Korea

Then they took us to the zoo

And Remy loved Grandpa's head
In December we went to Utah for Christmas.  Actually I guess we went for Thanksgiving too.
Uncle Josh reading to Remy over Thanksgiving

Remy loves animals.  And grandma, though he doesn't realize it yet ;)

Ros trying on Sam's glasses from middle school or something

Uncle Josh loves Remy

Swimming at the Zermatt indoor pool

Dancing at Grandma Wasden's

The flight to Utah for Christmas

At my parents' house.  She's totally a January baby, she never wanted to come inside

Ros with her favorite Christmas present

Building a snowman

Saying goodbye to cousin Juliet

This is a horrible picture but it kind of sums up how exhausted we were after all the traveling and such

The only picture I have of Remy's first Christmas.  Ha!

We were on airplanes a lot.  I think this is on the way up for Thanksgiving.  I don't even know.

The day we got back from Christmas break we went for a picnic in the shirt sleeves.  Texas has its perks.

In January my sister came to visit.
And this is apparently the only picture I have from that visit??

Nobody came to visit in February.  In March, Sam's mom and sister came to visit, but I already covered that.  Yayyyy catch-up blog posts!

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