Friday, January 16, 2015

A New Home

So! We have our own place! It kind of worked out really well, actually. We wanted somewhere under a certain amount per month, but with enough space, and within a certain radius from our workplaces. 

We had been actively searching since like October or November with no luck. We saw lots of places, talked to lots of people, filled out applications, and always came up empty-handed. It was discouraging.

Okay, let me back up. We have really loved the opportunity we've had to spend time mostly rent-free living with parents. I think it was good for my mom too, because they had just moved into a big new empty house, so we were able to fill it for the adjustment period. It was great to have help whenever I needed it (especially when Ros was really little), and good for Ros to be around a lot of people and animals too. Midway was nice for all those things too, plus the added bonus of being able to spend time outdoors. We had a good deal.

But after 9 months without private space or our own stuff, it was just time. You understand. I love our families.

So back to the apartment search. Nothin' after nothin'.
Then one day we decided to go see a too-good-to-be-true duplex at a great price. It looked a little scammish. It turned out not to be, but the guy we met with seemed skeptical of us (four jobs? You moved why? Etc), so we wrote it off. I knew if it was where we were supposed to be, we would get it. 

Then, lo and behold, a few days later we heard back and he offered it to us! That was a joyous moment. We signed paperwork the next day and spent the following week moving in.

We are finally getting settled a bit. Almost everything is unpacked and has a place. We purged a lot, too. That was something we had already planned on doing, months ago, but the fact that this is kind of a small place helped that along.

We still need a couch though. That would be nice.

Here are some pictures of our progress, for those interested:

I'll post more/better pictures when things get more finished. Yay!

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LP said...

Very cool. I kind of wish I'd taken "in progress" photos of our move. Nice to see all the progress that you've made!