Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wee Willy Winky

I've been meaning to do a post on Rosalind for 6 months, and now she's almost 7, so...whatever. Nobody cares anyway.

Things of note:

She's starting to interact with us! This is hilarious and adorable to me. Once or twice, she's initiated a game of peekaboo with me in the mirror, and I *thiiiink* she's waved "hello" to me once or twice (can it be???). She also finds enjoyment in rocking back and forth and trying to rip my flesh off with her grabby hands.

She loves animals. Well, she's really only met cats and dogs, but she loves them both. She gets super excited when they come near and always tries to pet them (read: unintentionally pull their fur out). Maybe a hairless animal would be a good investment.

She looooves mealtimes! Sometimes if we decide to eat without her, she gets mad. We're introducing solids by the method linked to below (which I kind of hate the name of, by the way). It makes for very entertaining meals. It's fun to watch her fine motor skills develop so quickly. She's also finally learning to chew and is therefore actually starting to swallow food. She loves eating, it's one of her favorite "play" activities. Bonus for the way we're doing things: aside from watching her closely, I don't have to worry about feeding her, so eating is pleasant and hands-off for everyone.

It's so fun to watch her play and explore everything. She's still pretty immobile, only rolls over by accident and very rarely. She can rotate slowly in circles on the floor but that's about it. Right now her methods of getting around consist of falling over when she's trying to turn around and launching herself forward, face first, onto the floor in order to reach something. It's dangerous, but funny.

She's starting to taper off on the fat gain...I think. She was only (ha!) 18.5lbs at her 6mo appointment, a mere 2lb gain from her 4mo appointment. This is all totally fine with me because she is GROWING OUT of her 12mo shirts and is now in 18-24mo pants!! Why does this continue to surprise me? I don't know, but the only thing she has in the next size is a couple if dresses, so... If you have extra little girl clothes, give them to me kthxbai.

We have finally, *finally* got her cloth diaper thing figured out. By that I mean the horrible ammoniacal stench that has accompanied her diapers for the past couple of months. It was getting embarrassing. People would comment and say things like "ugh, if that's what cloth diapers smell like, I am NEVER using them!" But it was only since we started using my parents' "HE" washer, so I knew it could be fixed. And we finally did. It wasn't even that hard to do. Anyway, so after a couple of weeks off in 'sposies to let Ros recover from an ammonia burn (yeah) and give me time to buy the stuff we needed, everything is back to a stink-free zone (except for poop...thank you solid food).

Anyway. I can't let you leave with the last thought being something about poop, so here's some more pictures.

Oh! And she still has no teeth! I can't say I'm happy or sad, it's kind of whatever. I feel like she's falling behind somehow, but at the same time, I don't want to deal with all that crank. So take your time, babeh.

Ok so apparently creating a hyperlink is impossible in the blogger app (ARGH), so here's the link I mentioned above. It's a NY Times article.

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LP said...

Great post with great pictures! Thank you.

I'm glad you got the cloth diaper thing worked out. I was feeling personally responsible for the shortcomings of the washing machine.