Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In the Scuppers With a Hosepipe

We have really loved our neighborhood here. We love the friends we've made and the Webelos we've had the opportunity to lead/teach. But, I'm sad/happy to say, we are moving. Soon. Like this week. I feel like even though we haven't been in this place long, it's where we needed to be for the time we were here, and now it's ok to move on.

This house hasn't been my favorite place. We've had some trouble with it. And I need to be closer to people so I can have more readily available help with the baby.  For that and a few other reasons, we will be moving in with my parents in Springville for a few months. It's not ideal, but we need to save up money because...

Sam is going to grad school! Well, not officially. But we are pretty confident he will get positive responses (meaning "come to our school please") from at least one school. So we're banking on it. We will hopefully hear the results in July, and then we will reevaluate the living sitch.

In the mean time, also exciting news, Sam also got new jobs! He quit Vivint (finally) and has started working as a substitute teacher at Heritage School in Provo. It's kind of awesome because this is basically what he wants to be doing (teaching special needs kids). And they were pretty excited to have him. He will be filling in gaps by subbing at other schools in the valley through Kelly services. He will still be working Domino's some evenings for a little while, but down in Springville instead.

I am very very excited that Sam is going to be able to start teaching, because he loves it, and it will give him good experience before he starts grad school (which is for Special Education). 

My life is not quite so interesting I suppose. I still work my various jobs here and there, but I'm focusing on learning how to take care of the baby and myself full time. I'm bad at doing both.

I'm planning on taking some kind of community center exercise class soon... This is a HUGE deal for me guys. I'm so awkward and unathletic. And the choices available are really random...Tahitian Dance anyone? This could make for a hilarious future post, so stay tuned, folks!

Ps...I have no idea what I'm doing with the titles for these posts most of the time...

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Melissa Kunz said...

Exciting new things all around! Good luck with the move and getting settled again and congrats on the new job Sam! I loved subbing in special needs classrooms and working for Kelly was so nice and flexible!! Ros is so cute and chunky and I'm so glad she's feeling better! I'm looking forward to the days when Katie is on some sort of sleep schedule, for now I'm just getting used to being a zombie :)