Thursday, January 10, 2013

Olive Us

There's a blog I've been following for a while now called "Design Mom."  The woman who started it (there are several contributors now, I believe) decided a few years ago to move her family (she, her husband, and all six of her kids) to Normandy.  As in the French countryside.  The whole family is adorable, and I'm super jealous of the opportunities this woman has had.  Plus she's able to balance running a sort of company while raising six kids in a foreign country.

Anyway, a little while ago they started this mini "tv" series called "Olive Us," featuring themselves, which is just a silly, cute little show that highlights how fun it can be to get along as a family and explore life in Normandy.  Obviously a lot of it is staged/scripted, but I've read behind-the-scenes stuff, and the children are quite authentic in their actions and always enjoy the filming.

Here are a couple of my favorite episodes:


Pottery Lesson

How to Buy Eggs from a Petite Ferme


Judy Klein said...

These are fortunate children to get to grow up in the French countryside and have these experiences! Since most of us can't arrange those opportunities for our children, we just have to try to provide as much as we can for our children. These were fun videos to watch, Shannon. Thank you!

Olive Us said...

So fun to read this, Shannon! We loved making these, and are thrilled that others like them too. And Judy is right--we hope that our children can appreciate that this is a unique opportunity; the videos show some of the simple pleasures, though there has also been a healthy serving of culture shock and missing home as well. Thanks for sharing!