Monday, January 24, 2011

Always On My Mind

The other day a friend of mine mentioned that "Always on My Mind" was originally sung by Elvis, which surprised me a little only because I'd only ever heard it by the Pet Shop Boys. But I'm glad to be educated. Apparently Willie Nelson also did a version. I like to compare versions.
The Elvis version:
The Willie Nelson version:
The Pet Shop Boys version:
And just for kicks, Tom Chaplin's (from Keane) impression of the Pet Shop Boys' version (fast forward to 6:03, but start at 5:15 to get the context...or maybe watch the whole thing for even more context)
All in all, I think I like the Pet Shop Boys version best, but Elvis' has a quality that I love and that isn't really captured in the PSB version. Willie Nelson, meh. And Tom Chaplin is just silly.


LP said...

The only version I ever heard was Willie Nelson's; they played it like 70 billion times a day and I hated it, probably because of his whiny singing voice.

Megan said...

I'd already heard the 3 versions... And I look forward to watching the Tom video because it sounds relatively entertaining, but I have to wait until the moon is full. No I don't. I have to wait until I've taken care of the kids more.

Reyna said...

Willie Nelson is my favorite. Mainly because it's the only one I've ever heard and because Dolly Parton is in it and because when my dad sings it (which is ALL THE TIME) he sings it with a distinct Willie Nelson flavor.