Friday, January 29, 2010

Techno Jeep

This is sort of amazing, but also cracks me up...mostly because they dedicated so much time into figuring it all out! With so many jeeps in Provo, there should be people doing this here. Awesome.


LP said...

Pretty good! I wonder if someone could do something similar with kitchen appliances. Maybe you should do it!

eric and adrien said...

ok wow. that was pretty awesome. i wonder how long it a) took them to coordinate that and b) took them to figure out that that would be a good idea

Shannon said...

I think they said it took them seven hours to get a clean cut, but that everyone practiced their parts individually for like...weeks? beforehand. Something like that.
But if they're all actually percussionists (are they?) then it might not've taken them that long to figure out it'd be a good idea. Percussionists are just weird like that, as you know.