Saturday, December 5, 2009


That book I mentioned yesterday, Blink, had a chapter on why marketing research is bunk. Among some other products (like Coke and some crazy new chair that sounded a lot like the one Eric and Adrien have in their office), Malcolm Gladwell used the example of Kenna, an artist who had lots of promise and was adored by top people in the music industry like U2's manager and some other people. However, research showed that he wouldn't be popular or a good sell, even though the couple of live performances he'd had started an apparently very devoted fanbase. I'd never even heard of Kenna, so I looked him up and thought most of his music was just alright, but I rather like this one song of his, "Hell Bent." Mostly I like it for the match with the music video, which...well, just watch it.

Embedding is disabled, so:

Kenna was nominated for a Grammy this year for his song "Say Goodbye to Love," which alright, but not okay. The sound is (to me) a little too synthesized, and makes me think of the music in the Chip's Challenge game. Also, I'm disappointed because he seems to have gone a bit more mainstream, when his original idea was to be different from everyone else. They couldn't even categorize him. This song makes me feel like now they can.


Jared and Megan said...

man that's sad. the video, I mean.

but what else was he supposed to do? was there anywhere else for him to go? it didn't seem like there were any other options, but the mv didn't show any. maybe because the guy couldn't see any.

Shannon said...

yeah, it's just pretty sad. I like to think though that since he realized how unhappy he was that he was going to change something. or at least stop that other builder guy from making the same mistake he did.