Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Signal Hill

Last Thursday I kidnapped Kevin and we went to eat lunch up at Signal Hill Park. It was sunny and windy.
I just realized that most pictures I post of Kevin are of him eating. Yum.
Signal Hill is called that because the local Indians of many hundred years ago made a fire on the top to send messages to their cohorts on Catalina Island. When the Spaniards came and took over, they continued the tradition. Today there is a little tower thing that spews out mist every hour on the hour. Not quite the same.
Another great thing about Signal Hill is the panoramic view. Ignore the grossness of my face and watch the video for explanation on that:

The sad thing is that Friday night there were like 90 mph winds that blew out all the smog and fog and cloudiness so we should've gone on Saturday.

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Jared and Megan said...

thanks for making that little video from Signal Hill! kinda cool seeing where things are... or pretending to see them through the unfortunate haze. looks like it was a nice day, though!